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Patient Transport Service

Changes to the Worcestershire NHS Patient Transport Service

From 1st April 2015, a new Patient Transport Service (PTS) was launched with West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. This service will give local residents, i.e. patients who are registered with GPs in Worcestershire and who meet the criteria, free transport for hospital appointments.

Patients will be responsible for booking their own transport for outpatient appointment, day procedures and regular treatments such as dialysis, cancer treatment and physiotherapy. On booking you will need to answer some questions to determine eligibility and mobility so we can allocate the correct transport.

Regular users of the service will need to re-book their transport every three months and confirm they still meet the required criteria for free transport.

An individual may be eligible to utilise the Patient Transport Service if:

  • Your medical need requires you to travel lying down
  • You require oxygen or other medical gases whilst travelling
  • You require intravenous support (medical drugs direct into their veins)
  • You have a psychiatric or learning disability which makes it impossible for you to travel on public transport
  • You are unable to travel without support from transport staff on or after their journey
  • You experience side effects which are a result of their treatment and this prevents them from using public transport or it would be detrimental to their recovery if they travelled by any other means.

An individual may also be considered for PTS or a voluntary car if you can demonstrate that you have no other mode of transport and:

  • Are confined to a wheelchair
  • Are unable to walk unaided without the support of another person or walking aid
  • Your medical condition would compromise their dignity or cause public concern if they were to use public transport
  • Your medical condition has an impact on their mobility to an extent that they would not be able to access healthcare.


How to book

Please call 0121 307 9116 - The booking office is open Monday to Friday between 8am – 6pm.

Patients are required to have the following information available when booking to ensure a smooth process:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • NHS number
  • Pick up and destination address (including postcode)
  • GP name and practice address
  • Date and time of appointment
  • Type of transport required