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The local NHS has been working very closely together to look at how it can ensure that urgent care services in the future are delivered in a way that best meets the needs of Worcestershire’s population. To ensure that local urgent care services are as effective as possible, we need to make changes to how they are currently provided. 

The draft Urgent Care Strategy for Worcestershire sets out how the local NHS proposes to improve urgent care services. We would like to hear your opinions on these plans. 

Worcester Walk-in Health Centre

Health services at the Worcester Walk-in centre on Farrier Street are provided by Elgar Healthcare. NHS England is the organisation holding and managing the contracts for the centre, it also funds the centre and the services it provides. The budget for the ‘walk in’ element of the service is held by the Worcestershire CCGs, with NHS England holding the funding for the registered list element. The current five year contract is now due to come to an end on 9th August 2014.

Since 2012/13, the services that are provided at Worcester Walk-in Centre have been under review and some changes to the services have been proposed in the Draft Worcestershire Urgent Care Strategy as part of the wider work to improve urgent care services for patients.  The review is being jointly led by the three Worcestershire CCGs (Including NHS South Worcestershire CCG) and NHS England.

Following a period of public engagement that closes on 9th April, NHS South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS England will jointly agree whether to continue the walk-in centre in the way it currently operates or to change some of the services it provides (such as the registered list and the non-registered patient services for GP-led health centres).

Some potential service changes are outlined in a draft Worcestershire Urgent Care Strategy. The proposed changes and  implications it may have on local services have been shared with the Worcestershire  Health and Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC), which is responsible for scrutinising all local health services. 

To find out more about Worcester Walk-in centre visit www.worcesterwalkin.co.uk/

How can I have my say?

The consultation period on the Worcestershire Urgent Care Strategy has now closed. 

A report on the feedback received during the consultation exercise can be viewed here:
Worcestershire Urgent Care Strategy Consultation Report

This report will be considered at the NHS South Worcestershire Governing Body Meeting on 22 May 2014.