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The NHS wants to ensure that you have the best possible experience of care. The Friends and Family Test is a way of gathering your feedback about this experience and helping to drive improvement in hospital services. When you receive treatment at Worcestershire’s Acute Stroke Unit, you will be given the opportunity to give your feedback on your experience of care at different stages of your patient journey. The feedback will give the NHS invaluable information on what patients think of the services, which can be used to help make improvements if required.

How Will it Work? 

We will ask you a few short questions about your patient experience at three different stages of your healthcare journey:

3 days after your admission to hospital (to ask you about the Ambulance Service and your A&E experience).

3 days after discharge from the Acute Stroke Unit (to ask you about your hospital care).

8 weeks after your discharge from hospital (to ask about leaving hospital and your experience of community services).

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Do you have to respond to the question?

You do not have to respond to the questions. But if you do, your feedback will provide valuable information for your hospital to help ensure its patients have the best possible quality of care.

How will the results be used?

The lessons we learn will be used to help the NHS find out the best way to gain feedback from patients about their whole care experience and from a number of NHS providers. The results will be used to improve the services you are receiving.

Does this replace the existing compliments or complaints procedure, or other forms of feedback used by the hospital?

No, you can still pass your compliments or complaints to your hospital in the normal way. Hospitals can continue to use existing ways of gathering feedback, in addition to the Friends and Family Test.


For more information on The Friends and Family Test, please visit:

For information about how the Friends and Family Stroke Pathway test will be carried out in your hospital, please contact:

Claire McWilliams 

Friends and Family Test
Stroke Pathway coordinator 

Lorraine Mitchell 

Friends and Family Test
Stroke Pathway Officer

  • The NHS wants everyone to get the best possible care and treatment. The Stroke Pathway Friends and Family Test will help us to do that.
  • It is a chance for you to tell us what you think about the care you have received.
  • Every patient who has been admitted to Worcestershire’s Acute Stroke Unit will be asked if they would like to take part in the Stroke Pathway Friends and Family Test.
  • As the test is looking at a stroke patient’s health care journey, we will be asking a few short questions at 3 different stages of your health care Journey.
  • The Friends and Family test will help us to know if we are doing a good job, or tell us what could be done better.
  • This gives you the chance to tell us if you think the care you had was good enough for your friends and family if they were to need similar treatment.
  • Your name will not be kept with your answers.
  • Please feel free to tell us exactly what you think.
  • What you tell us will be added to what other people have said to make Service improvements.


  • FFT Stroke Pathway questions designed with Patient experience representatives, expert patients, carers and the Stroke Association. 
  • Format of Questions and Survey designed with project team, patient experience representatives/expert patients and carers. 
  • Volunteer training delivered in collaboration with Worcestershire Health & Care Trust and the Stroke Association. 
  • Software designed to capture FFT Stroke pathway data. 
  • Sliding scale and illustrative and pictorial communication tools designed with help from the Stroke Association. 
  • Information leaflets for patients and relatives designed and printed. 
  • Worcestershire Acute Trust has set up and provided patient alerts and daily updates to project Team. 
  • Worcestershire Acute Trust has arranged name badges for all volunteers. 
  • Project communications launch by SWCCG and West Midlands ambulance service. 
  • Project Pilot initiated by SWCCG staff - Adjustments made and full scale project now commenced.
  • Engagement meeting with stroke survivors to aid the design of questions. 

This webpage is in association with: NHS South Worcestershire CCG, NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG, NHS Wyre Forest CCG, West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust, NHS England and the local Stroke Association