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Patient groups 

We have a number of patient groups of which enable south Worcestershire patients to engage with the CCG on a variety of levels.

Our engagement approach is described in our Communications and Engagement Strategy focuses on the engagement cycle


The following groups form our Engagement Framework and underpin our engagement:

Patient and Stakeholder Advisory Group

Sub-committee of SWCCG Governing Body. Ensures Governing Body fulfils its duty to involve patients, public and carers in decisions that are made. Includes representatives from the Governing Body, PPGs, patient membership scheme, practice managers, Healthwatch, HOSC, local authorities, voluntary and community sector and youth champion group.

PPG Network

Combined patient voice, representative of south Worcestershire. One patient representative from each patient participation group. Acts as a forum for providing information as well as for further discussion, debate and challenge. Also an opportunity for PPGs to share best practice.

Patient Participation Groups

Patient Participation Groups or PPGs as they are known are linked to individual GP practices. They are made up of patients with an interest in how their GP practice is run and who want to make sure that their views are taken into account by GPs and practice managers.

Membership Scheme (Better Together)

South Worcestershire residents who are willing to be involved in shaping local health services. Different levels of involvement, ranging from receiving information, completing surveys and attending meetings, reading strategies or undertaking visits and patient experience interviews.

Other groups
Other Worcestershire groups and organisations will be engaged with directly. The groups include the voluntary and community sector, carers, hard-to-reach / seldom-heard groups, Healthwatch Worcestershire and the Worcestershire Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

We use a variety of methods to enable engagement throughout the Engagement Cycle appropriate to the subject and audience. Please see the diagram below which illustrates this, and is based on the 'Ladder of Participation'(Arnstein, 1969).