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Vision and values 

‘Ensure that the population of South Worcestershire enjoy lives which are as healthy as possible’. 

The vision above is supported by seven values, which set out what we care about as an organisation and which help to define how we want to behave. These values have been developed these with the help of local clinicians and patients. 

Our values

  • Be clinically effective, quality focused and patient-centred 
  • Secure value for money in everything we do 
  • Not tolerate mediocrity – to have ‘why not’ rather than ‘cannot’ embedded in our vernacular 
  • Be an organisation that values its staff 
  • Be nimble, decisive, proactive and dynamic 
  • Challenge bureaucratic NHS behaviour 
  • To demand of each other what is right even if our actions impact on our popularity. 

These values are communicated internally and externally to staff, patients and wider stakeholders, and we regularly seek feedback on whether – as an organisation - we are ‘living our values’.