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PC intentions

‘The 8 Point Plan’

The CCG senior management team has worked to ensure the Primary Care Commissioning intentions are the foundation for sustainable health care for our patients and link to all of the CCG priority areas. They are summarised below:

  1. Protecting resources - We will protect existing primary care funding, including using other CCG resources to top up the unfunded planning requirements such as 1% surplus and 1% transformation.

  2. Equitable funding- We will seek to distribute funding fairly. Where possible we will accelerate the pace of change for poorer funded practices who can achieve specific performance improvements.

  3. Quality - We will benchmark quality and the impact of funding on quality using IQSP, the current NHS England performance framework and the emerging new national tool.

  4. Enhanced services - We will roll forward the existing locally enhanced services for the first quarter of 2015/16 and then clarify by May what will be commissioned from July onwards, when national guidance and suitable contracting vehicles are clear. The only significant change in the medium term will be re-contracting for anticoagulation for 16/17.

  5. Local QOF - During 2015/16 we will seek to extend QOF with additional local evidence based requirements for proactive care of the elderly, excellent long term conditions care and efficient use of resources. This will be available to all Practices and will be funded by re-investing the PMS Premium. We will work with patients and Practices to co-produce the identification of other local priorities.

  6. Urgent care access - Subject to the evaluation of the 10 week pilot we will commission an urgent visiting service for frail elderly patients, seeking to reduce hospital admissions and complement the unplanned admissions DES and proactive care elements of the local QOF.

  7. Education- We will commission the Federation to support Practices by delivering a series of dedicated education and training packages linked to key pathways.

  8. Transformation and collaborative GP networks - We will support the transformation of primary care andprovision at scale. We will identify financial resources that are available for early adopters and for investments that deliver savings and support at scale working and delivery.