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Pressure ulcers

‘Love Your Birthday Suit’ is a public campaign aimed at raising awareness of what a Pressure Ulcer is and how steps can be taken to avoid them.

Pressure ulcers, sometimes known as bedsores, usually develop when the skin is placed under pressure for a prolonged period of time disrupting the blood flow, so people with health issues and reduced mobility are particularly vulnerable.

These ulcers and the resulting treatment can affect an individual emotionally; mentally; physically and socially, however it is now recognised that the majority of pressure ulcers are avoidable with the right preventative advice, care and treatment.


Recognised as a significant health problem, the prevention and management of pressure ulcers is high on the agenda for those involved in commissioning and providing health and social care services across Worcestershire.

There has already been considerable progress across Worcestershire in reducing the numbers of pressure ulcers people develop whilst receiving in-patient or community care. However the next challenge is to eliminate avoidable pressure ulcers when this occurs in a person’s own home where 24 hour care is not provided.  With this focus a working group, drawn from both public and private sector providers along with commissioners, is working collaboratively on a number of projects aimed at raising public awareness; the education of health and social care staff including the provision of protocols and guidance (along with practical supporting tools) and ensuring that pressure ulcer prevention activities across all services are aligned.
This campaign will launch on Stop Pressure Ulcer Day, 20th November and will involve video/leaflet campaigns and information stands at sites around Worcestershire and is linked to the recent ‘Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy’ campaign as dehydration has known links to the development of Pressure Ulcers.